Why You Should Rent a Portable Toilet for your Fall Gathering

As we enter the fall on Cape Cod, households are beginning to plan gatherings to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Regardless of whether your gathering is large or small it is important to consider renting portable restrooms. Below are the reasons why renting portable toilets is advantageous for your fall event.

Centered view of comfort series portable restroom trailer

Save Your Septic System

The biggest reason to rent portable toilets for your event is to reduce the stain on your home’s septic system. Septic tanks are generally built to accommodate the number of bedrooms in a home. A three bedroom home’s septic tank is only equipped to accommodate the daily use of five or six people. Having a party full of guests using your restroom throughout the day will exponentially increase the strain on your septic system. The tank can quickly fill with all of the extra input and cause sewage backup which can lead to costly repairs.

Decrease Foot Traffic in Your Home 

It is always nice to have friends and family in your home, but do you really want a sizable number of guests using your bathroom? Renting portable toilets will eliminate the need for anyone to enter your home during your gathering. Rentals come equipped with toiletries such as soap and paper towels which eliminates another cost for you.

Hosting a gathering is already enough work. The last thing you need is a plumbing disaster because cousin Ted had one too many and wreaked havoc on your bathroom.  Save yourself the hassle of cleaning and potential plumbing issues by renting a portable toilet.


Having an on-site, outdoor restroom option will be extremely convenient for your guests. Many will likely be more comfortable using a rental toilet than having to ask permission to enter your home. Having a clean, elegant portable toilet to use will not only impress them, but provide them with an overall more comfortable experience at your event.

At Ahead With Class we pride ourselves in providing elegant and refined restrooms to meet you and your guests’ needs. We offer both single-stall and trailer rentals, for a closer look check out our products page. If you have any questions such as how many restrooms you need to rent, our FAQ page provides a handy chart. You can also get a quote today for specific cost ideas.

We look forward to working with you to provide a classy touch for your next event.